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Why should I do SEO and what is it?

Search Engine Marketing

SEO is Search Engine Optimization… Simply put, it is the art of setting up your website for success on the internet.  Some of the items included in this are something anyone can do, others are more complex and may require the services of a professional in search engine optimization.  Although a lot of people think SEO includes things like social media and Google adsense, those are all portions of a broader nature… Internet Marketing.  Some of the aspects of Internet Marketing would be:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media

And there are others.  When you are looking for an internet marketing company.  Make sure they will be working all aspects of internet marketing for your business.  The company should be working on your site on an ongoing basis to ensure that the search engines do not get the idea that you are no longer interested in your own website.

Stick to these starter ideas and you will find success in your search for an internet marketing company.

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