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Web Design Packages

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SEO Consultant David DischlerSEO Consultant, David Dischler, has been serving the Brevard County area for over 7 years in Search Engine Optimization and web design.  To talk to David right now, call 321-455-9346.

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Although we continue to serve the local Brevard County area including cities such as Merritt Island, Cocoa, Rockledge, Melbourne and Viera in web design and internet marketing, we also provide service nationwide. We can help design a website for you or increase your traffic on a local or nationwide base. Should you have any questions, please contact us at (855) 697-2489 and we will take care of your web design or SEO | Search Engine Optimization needs on your website.

Web Design Packages

Small Business Websites

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Small businesses today understand that a web presence is a must. Finding a company that can do it in a way that turns your prospects into clients can be a daunting task. Web X Designs can help you by offering a custom web design package for your small business. Do not let the term package confuse you. All of our small business websites are completely customized both graphically and textually. Our designers will discuss your likes and dislikes and build a look distinctly setup for you.

Also, if you are looking to couple your design and internet marketing together, our packages allow that too. This way you can have a company setup your new site for search engine success and begin to broadcast it to your prospects. Click the above links to learn more about our packages available.

Web Design Packages

How to Impress Online Visitors through Your Business Website Design

You have options to use your business website for a number of different marketing and advertisement purposes. The website can be used as a medium to attract prospective customers and generating sales leads for your marketing team. At the same time, you also have option to use the online portal to sustain a healthy client base by staying in touch with both existing and prospective customers. Therefore, you have to spend some time in selecting the right design and content for your business portal.

You can always subscribe to the suitable web design packages offered by the professional web designing companies. But you must spend some time in determining a number of attributes that will be effective impressing the online visitors and allow them to navigate from one section of the website to another without facing any disturbances or delay.

 It is always important to remember that the visitors will not be encouraged to view the website in full, if they are not impressed with the overall appearance and simple navigation features of the website. You have to update and change the content on a regular basis to impress the prospective clients. Also, the regular content updates will also have an impact on keeping the regular visitors engaged.

If you are planning to use the a bespoke website for online selling activities, then you must post the relevant and latest information on the website to hold the attention of the first time visitors. In addition to the text and images, you can even consider posting videos, PDFs, and similar multimedia content to sustain a healthy base of customers.

The website also needs to include a number of options to stay connected with your customers through newsletters and popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. When the business website stays in touch with the customers on a regular basis and encouraging them to share their feedbacks and comments, your online sales volume will increase over a period of time.

Web Design Packages

Some Additional Options Included in the Web Design Packages

When you are evaluating the available web design packages to build your business website, it is always advisable to consider specific aspects of packages. Most of the companies offer their professional services to design a specific number of webs pages by charging certain amount of money. But there are a number of web designing companies they offer some additional options to increase the online traffic for your website.

As most of the modern users prefer to initiate a web search to find information on their desired subject-matter, it becomes very much important to improve the visibility and rank of your website on popular search result pages. There are companies who offer clients various search engine optimization (SEO) measures as part of the web design packages.

These companies prefer to incorporate the most effective keywords as part of the content and web pages of your website. It will have a significant impact on the appearance of your website on the search result pages generated by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When the package already implements relevant SEO measures, the website will be able to attract an increased number of online visitors.

Similar to the online search engines, most of the modern bespoke website owners want to communicate with their prospective clients through popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. There are specific website designing companies that integrate the social networking plug-ins with your business website as part of the web design packages. So the website will be more effective in interacting with the prospective customers accessing these social networks actively.

The website designing companies also offer their professional services to create profile for your business on various social networking websites and connect these profiles directly with your website. When a prospective customer visits your business profile on the social networks, he can directly visit the website to avail some additional information about the products and services offered by your company.

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